Welcome to Hire A Hubby

Your Home Improvement Partner

As a single parent, managing a home improvement project or handling a maintenance issue can become a burden;

very demanding of your time and energy.

Hire A Hubby seeks to become your home improvement and maintenance partner, so you can enjoy life while we get the job done once and well. Not only do we assist in sourcing the right materials for the job, we only ensure that it is done right first time. One point of contact for your needs.

Whether it is a building, fencing or renovation project, installations for pictures, mirrors, curtain rails, recommendations for blinds or curtains, faulty appliances, or any property maintenance issue in the home, Hire A Hubby is the right partner for you.

Focus on enjoying your life while we take care of the rest, just for you. that’s A Hubby!




What Hire A Hubby Can Do For You

While the list of services we offer is endless, the following categories are available:

Project Management

Hiring the right people for your project and ensuring that the project is delivered according to expectations is one of the challenges many property owners face. At Hire A Hubby we take care of that burden and become a single point of contact for the lifespan of the project, making sure that you focus on other important things in your life.


Whether it is hanging a picture, installing new curtain railings, installing a geyser, replacing a broken or leaking tap, installing water filters, assembling new furniture, etc. we have the know-how and experience to get the job done right first time.

Kitchen & Bathrooms

We outgrow our tastes as time passes and so we always have the need to change a thing or two in our home, particularly in the kitchen or bathroom where we spend intimate time with ourselves and family. You never have to worry about finding the products to match your current needs because Hire A Hubby will do it for you.


Whether it is single room or an entire property you wish to upgrade Hire A Hubby can help you maximise on your property value. We have the know-how and expertise to deliver a unique experience and get you the best results, first time.

Blinds & Curtains

Your home is the place where you find your rest when away from all the burdens of life. To achieve that rest you need to make the right installations. Choosing the right blinds or curtains becomes very important. We help you you match the colours and designs to your intrinsic needs.

General Maintenance

Maximising the value of your property requires regular maintenance and for a single parent, this can be very burdensome. At Hire A Hubby we seek to become your reliable contact for all your property maintenance issues.

What Else Can Hire A Hubby Do For You

Hire A Hubby is here to make your life easier. Speak to a service representative about your need and we will surely deliver.

Electrical Services

When you are looking for furniture for your home or office, at a budget, we can assist you to find what you need at the price you can afford.

Handyman Services

Shopping around for quality appliances at affordable prices can be a big task. It need not be, if you make use of our networks and connections.

Plumbing Services

Instead of travelling around looking for those car parts, let us handle that burden for you. After all, that’s what we are here for. We know where to find what you need at the price you can afford to pay.


You supply of gas can be just a phone call away. Don’t worry when you have run out. We will have it delivered at no time at all.


When you are looking for building supplies, why not try us first to see how you can save?

Vinyl Flooring

Let us help you find the computer or laptop you need for your home or office. We want to save you money.